McNeil’s high tax roll out continues

September 10, 2013 at 8:18 am

LUNENBURG, NS – Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie will scrap the tax on small businesses by reducing it to zero per cent, but that doesn’t fit with Liberal leader Stephen McNeil’s high tax agenda.

Yesterday, when asked about Baillie’s zero per cent tax plan for small businesses, Stephen McNeil said “none of them are talking to me about small business tax.”

“It’s obvious high taxes are a key part of Stephen McNeil’s unaffordable agenda,” said Brian Pickings, PC candidate for Lunenburg. “Everyday Stephen McNeil and the Liberals prove they’re more and more like Darrell Dexter and the NDP. Both have high-tax agendas that will result in more wasteful spending and more lost jobs.”

Pickings says the Jamie Baillie Progressive Conservatives will continue to fight for lower taxes, frozen power rates, an end to wasteful spending and more jobs.

In the meantime, Stephen McNeil’s high tax roll out continues.