McNeil’s tax and spend tour rolls into Cape Breton

September 15, 2013 at 9:36 am

HALIFAX, NS – Cape Bretoners are paying the highest taxes in Canada and it will be up to Liberal leader Stephen McNeil to explain why he thinks that’s acceptable, says Victoria-The Lakes Progressive Conservative candidate Keith Bain. McNeil, whose tax and spend tour rolls into Cape Breton today, unveiled his party’s platform earlier this week. It keeps taxes high and offers no timeline for a balanced budget.

“Stephen McNeil’s high tax, high spend agenda will offer no relief to the Cape Breton families who are already struggling under the highest taxes in Canada,” says Bain. “Too many Cape Bretoners are being forced westward because of the Dexter NDP’s economic failures. We need a real plan to turn the economy around but Stephen McNeil and the Liberals are only offering more of the same.”

Bain says only Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie’s plan, Change that Works, will lower taxes, freeze power rates, stop wasteful spending and create jobs.

Bain says the Liberals and the NDP are the same. Both have expensive agendas that result in high taxes, high power rates, more reckless spending and lost jobs.

“Jamie Baillie’s plan attacks high taxes and out of control spending,” said Bain. “His plan for real change will turn Cape Breton’s economy around and grow our population.”