Membership in NSPC has largest annual increase in history

September 20, 2018 at 11:07 am

The final numbers are in, and membership in the Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative Party has hit 11,601 – the largest annual increase in the party’s history.

Early accounts indicated a surge leading up to the September 11 deadline to purchase a membership to be eligible to vote in October’s leadership race, but PC Party President Tara Miller said the numbers exceeded expectation.

“In addition to the many thousands of new members, we also saw an increase in individuals who have not been active in the Party in more than fifteen years,” said Miller. “The engagement in the leadership process is incredible. People are making sure they have a voice in selecting the next Premier of Nova Scotia.”

The leadership candidates are:  Julie Chaisson, Cecil Clarke, Tim Houston, John Lohr, and Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin.