A memo to members on the PC Leadership

November 20, 2017 at 8:12 am

Following a meeting of the Executive of the party on November 18th in Truro, I am pleased to provide an Update on the Leadership Selection Process (LSP) to you.

• Leadership Selection Committee Co-Chairs

A motion was passed to appoint Tara Erskine and Chris d’Entremont as co-chairs of the Leadership Selection Committee (“LSC”). The work of the co-chairs will include appointing others to the LSC and committee members are required to remain neutral through this process.

• Leadership Selection Process Timeline

With the appointment of the LSC co-chairs complete, we expect the LSC will move forward shortly to canvass members for their input on items including the model of convention, the timing of the convention and draft Rules so that they can report back to the Executive with recommendations for our approval.

Tara Miller
President, Progressive Conservative Party of Nova Scotia