Minister Delorey must address mental health crisis says Lohr

January 10, 2019 at 10:49 am

Progressive Conservative Addictions and Mental Health critic John Lohr says Nova Scotia’s sad distinction as the province with the worst perceived mental health system in the country is another indication of a broken health system in crisis.

Statistics Canada recently released data on the perceived mental health of Canadians. Nova Scotia came in last place with only 66 percent of Nova Scotians reporting they have very good or excellent mental health.

“The back of the pack is simply not good enough,” Lohr said. “This statistic means thousands of Nova Scotians don’t feel healthy. That is a terrible burden in a province where so many people don’t have a doctor or access to primary care.”

The data also showed that Nova Scotia has the lowest life satisfaction in the whole country and a rising suicide rate.

“All of this adds up to one thing: Nova Scotia’s mental health system is in crisis,” Lohr said. “The Liberals must admit the problem and take immediate steps to address it.”

In 2015, the Progressive Conservative Caucus called for an inquiry into the province’s mental health system. The McNeil Liberals brushed the issue aside.

Last month, another alarming statistic came to light when the Canadian Institute for Health Information revealed the death rate at hospitals in and around Sydney, Cape Breton is among the highest in the country.