Minister Glavine must help woman with cerebral palsy to stay in her home

June 30, 2016 at 10:09 am

PC health critic wants Liberals to stop the ‘bureaucratic BS’


HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative Heath critic Chris d’Entremont wants Health Minister Leo Glavine to stop the ‘bureaucratic BS’ and resolve Gerrianne Hull’s home care needs.

Gerrianne Hull is a Halifax woman with cerebral palsy who uses the Self-Managed Care program, through the Nova Scotia Health Authority. The program helps pay for home care services. Those services allow her to live independently and stay in her own home.

In the winter, Ms. Hull asked for more funding to increase the number of home care hours she receives. Her request was denied. After months of delays and the runaround from the Department of Health and the Health Authority, she sought support from Dal Legal Aid.

Dal Legal Aid is helping her navigate the complicated appeal system but d’Entremont says it’s time for the minister to step up.

“Fix it,” says d’Entremont. “Ms. Hull deserves timely action from Minister Glavine.”

Stephen McNeil and the Liberals must put common sense back in decision making and stop giving vulnerable people the runaround, says d’Entremont.

Stephen McNeil has money for other things like soul spaces for government workers but nickels and dimes vulnerable people who are doing their best to live independently and with dignity. His priorities are wrong,” says d’Entremont. “Helping Ms. Hull stay in her home is a win-win. She gets to live how she chooses and it is a much better use of money than forcing her into a long-term care facility.”

d’Entremont wants Minister Glavine to resolve this issue before the end of the day.