MLA Adams commends government breast density announcement

October 29, 2019 at 3:27 pm

Barbara Adams

Progressive Conservative MLA Barbara Adams is pleased the government took action today to include breast density information in screening mammography reports. It’s an idea Adams brought forward in legislation last year.

“Giving Nova Scotians more information about breast density will save lives,” Adams said. “Including breast density information in mammography reports is a common sense idea and I am very happy the government did not dismiss my legislation.”

In September 2018, Adams introduced the Breast Density Reporting Act. The bill required radiologists to report breast density to a woman or a family doctor of a woman who has undergone a mammography. High breast density is a risk factor for cancer. The earlier cancer is detected, the higher the likelihood of survival.

“Breast density information gives women vital information about an important breast cancer risk factor,” Adams concluded. “The government has done the right thing today and I am grateful.”