MLA Eddie Orrell wants transparency around university funding

March 28, 2018 at 1:49 pm

Progressive Conservative Labour and Advanced Education critic Eddie Orrell wants more transparency from the McNeil government over university funding.

He introduced a bill in the Legislature that would require the McNeil government to be upfront about decisions made regarding university grants and loans. Today, Orrell will be debating with the Liberal government about the importance of the bill during second reading.

It was brought to light that, in 2017, Acadia university received a $10.5-million bailout from the Liberals while other universities in the province did not. It only came to light after the province’s Public Accounts were released for the year.

“Universities and, most importantly, students have not been treated honestly or fairly under the McNeil government,” says Orrell. “Minister Kousoulis and the Liberals need to be more transparent when it comes to making decisions around university grants and loans. This bill will ensure that and I look forward to hearing how the minister responds.”

This Act would require the Minister to publicly announce details respecting grants and loans made by any government funding agency to a university.

Orrell says the decisions made around why certain universities get more or less funding needs to be done in public.

“If the government has nothing to hide, they will pass this bill. Taxpayers deserve to know,” says Orrell “We want all students and universities to succeed in our province and that starts with being honest. Let’s make sure university students aren’t at a disadvantage for choosing their preferred school over a school that gets the most funding.”

Orrell urges the Liberals to pass this common sense bill this Spring session.