MLA for Cape Breton pleased to see tender for Lennox Passage Bridge

August 03, 2018 at 2:19 pm

Cape Breton – Richmond MLA Alana Paon welcomes the announcement of a tender for Lennox Passage Bridge.

“I am very pleased that the Lennox Passage Bridge project has finally gone to tender. The rehabilitation of the bridge is long overdue, having been on the Provincial Capital Plan since 2012.  It has been eye opening to learn which projects have been prioritized and completed prior to taking my position as the new MLA. For almost a decade, this project has been consistently deprioritized in favour of other projects,“ says Paon. “This has resulted in severe deterioration of the bridge and consequent safety issues; the lift bridge is no longer operational and has been welded shut for more than half a year.”

Paon says this has and will continue to cause a negative impact on local business owners and marinas. It has long reaching negative economic implications for tourism, not only in Cape Breton – Richmond, but has also created a domino effect that negatively impacts all of the Island.

Since elected, Paon has been a tireless advocate in meeting and negotiating with the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal and the Liberal government to prioritize fixing the bridge.

“The bridge was one of the first large projects that landed on my desk after I was elected just over a year ago.  It was immediately obvious to me, not only as the MLA for the area, but also as the Official Opposition critic for Business, Tourism and Trade, the severity of the situation and implications to our economy.  This is a multi-million dollar capital investment into Cape Breton – Richmond.  I would like to thank local residents who came forward, lending their support and voice as strong advocates to help move this project forward.”

This week , Paon was at Lennox Passage with Area Manager- Darren Blundon and District Director- Gerard Jessome discussing the project (photo attached.)

“I had a full day of meetings with the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal again on August 1st, which included a tour of the Lennox Passage Bridge, to see first hand the scope of the work that needs to be completed. Minister Lloyd Hines and the Liberal government need to invest in maintaining safe and proper roads and bridges. It is imperative from an economic development, a tourism and a safety perspective, that our aging transportation infrastructure in rural Nova Scotia are made a higher priority.”