MLA MacMaster asks about Reeves Street turn signals

October 31, 2019 at 2:07 pm

Inverness MLA Allan MacMaster asked the Minister of Transportation questions about changes to improve the look of Port Hawkesbury along Reeves Street that have reduced traffic from four lanes to three.

Flashing green turn signals for cars turning left onto Reynolds and Pitt Streets had been presented as part of the original plan, but they have since been removed by the provincial government.“Everyone wants to see the Reeves Street changes to be successful,” said MacMaster.  “Part of that is making sure these beautifications retain the practical need of people getting to their destination without being needlessly delayed.”

During Question Period in the provincial legislature, MacMaster asked why the turn signals were removed.  “The plan presented to the Town (Port Hawkesbury Town Council), and the one they voted for, included the turn signals,” said MacMaster.  “Will the Minster reconsider the plan and include the flashing green traffic signals on those streets?”

The Minister of Transportation responded by saying he would have another look at the matter to decide if the turn signals are needed.

“The new Reeves Street brings major change to Port Hawkesbury,” said MacMaster. “Connecting the Town and the Nova Scotia Community College has been a wonderful improvement.  My hope is that people will not experience delays caused by cars trying to turn on Reynolds and Pitt Streets.”