MLA MacMaster tables petition for Whycocomagh traffic light

April 28, 2017 at 7:14 am

MacMaster tabled a petition calling on the government to install the traffic lights.

HALIFAX, NS – Inverness MLA Allan MacMaster has tabled a petition in the legislature calling on the provincial government to install traffic lights at the intersection in Whycocomagh that connects Main Street, TransCanada Highway 105 and Route 252.

Nearly 600 people signed the petition, which was created by Emma Munro, a student at Dalbrae Academy and resident of Whycocomagh. She started the petition as a school assignment and quickly saw a significant amount of support from people who think more should be done to make the intersection less dangerous.

“It was supposed to be a letter for a school project, but I felt the issue would get more attention with a petition,” said Munro. “Although not everyone was for the traffic lights, the people who did sign the petition felt very strongly about it. My hope is that the government does something to make the road safer.”

Highway 105 through Whycocomagh carries large traffic volumes and has many access points. The high level of activity has led to a decrease in the speed limit to 60 kilometres per hour, but MacMaster says he wants to make sure all other options are considered by the government as well.

“There is a lot going on over this short stretch of highway,” said MacMaster. “The Department of Transportation is aware of the problem, so it is important for people in the community, like Emma, to speak up about what they want to see done to improve our roadways.”

Ms. Munro was recognized earlier this month by the Whycocomagh Development Commission for her leadership in raising awareness of the safety concerns people have with the Highway 105 intersection.

“Emma made a difference by taking action to start this petition,” said MacMaster. “It is great to see young people having the confidence to show this kind of initiative, and I hope the province listens to her concerns.”