More empty promises from desperate Dexter

September 20, 2013 at 11:43 am

HALIFAX, NS – Today the Dexter NDP talked a big game about making life more affordable for families, but Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie says Nova Scotians won’t forget the hardships of the last four years.

Today, the Dexter NDP promised financial assistance to help families keep well water safe. Baillie says it’s just another empty promise from a Premier desperate to keep his job.

“Families struggled to make ends meet under the highest taxes in Canada for four long years,” said Baillie. “More election promises from the desperate Dexter NDP won’t undo the suffering families have already endured.”

Baillie says families are looking for a break, not more election-time empty promises from the Dexter NDP.

“The Progressive Conservative plan, Change that Works, is designed to make sure families keep more of their hard earned money,” said Baillie. “We’ll protect the family budget by lowering taxes, freezing power rates, stopping wasteful spending and creating more jobs.”