More health care Band-Aids from McNeil Liberals

September 27, 2013 at 2:45 pm

Tory plan addresses root causes

ARGYLE, NS – Argyle-Barrington Progressive Conservative candidate and health critic Chris d’Entremont says today’s Liberal announcement amounts to little more than another Band-Aid solution that fails to address a real problem in rural Nova Scotia health care delivery.

“The part Stephen McNeil doesn’t understand is that their plan will only temporarily help the doctor shortage in rural areas, while the Progressive Conservative plan will create long-lasting doctor positions,” said d’Entremont. “It isn’t surprising the Liberals aren’t focused on fixing the rural health care system. It fits with their shortsighted plan to centralize health authority in Halifax and exclude rural representation in health care decision making.”

The Liberal plan will silence rural voices in favor of a centralized decision making health board in Halifax.

A Progressive Conservative government will provide continued funding for 25 new doctors per year to create long-lasting commitments from doctors to stay and practice in rural Nova Scotia. The funding will be increased from $1 million in year one to $4 million in year four. This incremental increase will attract more and more doctors to underserviced areas.

d’Entremont pointed out that with three health boards – one rural, one urban and the IWK – a Progressive Conservative government will provide better service for both rural and urban patients.

“Under the leadership of Jamie Baillie, we’ve developed our long-term plan to increase doctors to the rural areas and to ensure all Nova Scotians are treated fairly in the health care system,” said d’Entremont.