More job-killing policies under McNeil Liberals

September 25, 2013 at 10:25 am

BADDECK, NS – Victoria-The Lakes Progressive Conservative candidate and labour critic Keith Bain says a Stephen McNeil Liberal government would continue to kill jobs in Nova Scotia by continuing the Dexter NDP’s harmful labour laws like first contract arbitration.

“Stephen McNeil tries to hide it, but he supports the same job-killing labour laws as the Dexter NDP,” said Bain. “A Premier is supposed to attract job creators to Nova Scotia, but Stephen McNeil’s dangerous NDP-like labour laws send the wrong message to employers.”

Bain says Stephen McNeil’s refusal to listen to job creators who say first contract arbitration would be a mark against Nova Scotia proves the Liberals don’t know how to grow the economy or create jobs.

Bain pointed out that many of Nova Scotia’s large employers like Michelin, Sobeys and Clearwater Foods spoke out against First Contract Arbitration, saying it would be harder to invest in the province with this harmful law in place.

While Jamie Baillie and the Progressive Conservatives listened to job creators, the McNeil Liberals ignored them and sided with the big union bosses who already control the Dexter NDP.

“We need a Premier who knows how to dig Nova Scotia out of the economic crater the Dexter NDP has created, not someone who supports the same job-killing policies,” said Bain. “Jamie Baillie is the only leader who has proven he knows how to create jobs and turn the economy around.”