More proof: Dexter can’t deal

September 12, 2013 at 8:42 am

Ratepayers not protected by NDP’s Muskrat Falls deal

HALIFAX, NS – News of the BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc. report into Maritime Link proves the Dexter NDP put the cart before the horse by rushing into a bad deal.

“The Dexter NDP agreed to a bad deal and put Nova Scotia ratepayers at risk,” said Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie. “By jumping on board the first big expensive project Emera showed them, they risk condemning Nova Scotia ratepayers to even higher power bills.”

Baillie says the right thing to do would have been to take a business-like approach, tendering for the renewable electricity Nova Scotians can afford.

“Muskrat Falls is a good project that I hope a new PC government can salvage, but the NDP signed a bad deal,” said Baillie. “A truly competitive process is the only way to determine the lowest cost option for meeting our energy needs.”

The Progressive Conservatives have a detailed five point plan to provide rate relief for Nova Scotians.

Baillie’s five-point detailed plan to provide rate relief includes:

1. Buy renewable electricity within the current rates;

2. Scrap the fuel-adjustment mechanism;  

3. Rein in Nova Scotia Power by removing its guaranteed profit;  

4. Use more natural gas; and  

5. Create a Maritime energy grid.

Baillie says both the Liberals and the NDP have risky plans that will lead to higher power rates.