NDP following Liberal partisan games in outpatient facility

May 18, 2017 at 9:14 am

The former NDP Government had allowed Access NS to leave the Halifax peninsula.

It’s time for an evidence-based review of the McNeil Liberals’ decision to remove outpatient health services from peninsular Halifax, instead of political game-playing by the NDP.

Halifax Citadel-Sable Island PC candidate Rob Batherson said that by making its announcement in front of the Cobequid Health Centre in Lower Sackville, NDP Leader Gary Burrill is playing old-style cynical politics.

“By standing outside the Cobequid Health Centre, Gary Burrill replaced Stephen McNeil’s Bayers Lake photo op with one of his own. Gary Burrill is clearly suggesting that instead of moving outpatient services to Bayers Lake, he will move them to Cobequid,” said Batherson. “Halifax voters – particularly seniors, persons with disabilities and front-line health care professionals – should be concerned that Gary Burrill and the NDP support moving health care services even farther away than Bayers Lake.”

Batherson noted that it was an NDP government, including Gary Burrill, that allowed Access Nova Scotia to leave the Halifax peninsula for the Bayers Lake Business Park in 2010.

“Voters in Halifax Citadel-Sable Island – and across peninsular Halifax – are tired of being taken for granted by the Liberals and NDP who want to move our services out of the urban core,” added Batherson. “As MLA, I will be a tireless voice for evidence-based decision-making and fighting for sustainable, urban-focused solutions.”

PC leader Jamie Baillie devoted many questions in the final week of the legislative sitting in April 2016 to questioning Stephen McNeil’s secret Bayers Lake deal, including the $7.5 million untendered land purchase from a Liberal Party donor. A PC government will suspend all work on the Bayers Lake move until an independent review has been completed and proper community and health care professional consultation has taken place.

“Let’s make health care decisions on evidence, including full consultation with the community and health care professionals,” concluded Batherson.