NDP plans to scrap inclusion commission, maintain status quo in education

April 26, 2017 at 10:09 am

HALIFAX- Gary Burrill’s NDP have proven they want to protect the status quo in our classrooms rather than have the important discussion on inclusion.

On the opening day of the legislature the NDP followed the Official Opposition’s lead and introduced legislation repealing Bill 75. The only catch is they also chose to throw the commission on inclusion out the door as well.

“The NDP have shown they are short-sighted when it comes to a plan of action for our classrooms,” says PC education critic Pat Dunn. “The commission on inclusion has important work ahead of them and it would be irresponsible to just stop that conversation. Students, teachers and families deserve better.”

Dunn says the NDP have proven themselves to be no better than Stephen McNeil’s Liberals.

“We need a government that is prepared to separate the labour side of the system from improving our classroom conditions,” says Dunn. “Sadly the NDP are prepared to lump it all together just like the Liberals.”

The PCs would repeal Bill 75, while maintaining the commission on inclusion.