The NDP platform has no plan for rural Nova Scotia

May 23, 2017 at 12:31 pm

PCs say the NDP can’t be trusted to grow rural communities

Kings North PC candidate John Lohr and Kings South PC candidate Peter Harrison say the NDP’s decision to leave rural communities out of their plan for the province shows the party is out of touch with many Nova Scotians.

Harrison says the fact that the NDP platform doesn’t include a real plan for jobs or growth in rural regions is a glaring issue.

“Youth outmigration and our aging population are two of the biggest obstacles facing rural Nova Scotia today,” says Harrison. “As a province, we can’t just cross our fingers and hope struggling communities bounce back on their own. We need to create good jobs and opportunities. The NDP doesn’t seem to understand that.”

Harrison says the NDP also already had a crack at improving rural communities.

“Instead of opening doors for young Nova Scotians so they could return to the towns they grew up in, the NDP left behind weakened communities in desperate need of jobs and infrastructure,” he says.

Lohr says if an NDP government is elected, rural communities will be much worse off.

“People are struggling,” says Lohr. “The NDP plan for a $15 an hour minimum wage, higher taxes and more regulations and red tape will end up driving even more people out of rural Nova Scotia. We need a government that will listen to communities and take action.”

A PC government led by Jamie Baillie will make rural communities and businesses a priority by doubling the budget for rural roads, twinning the 100-series highways and bringing high-speed Internet to rural communities. This plan will put 10,000 Nova Scotians to work rebuilding our province. A PC government will also lower taxes for all job creators and increase the small business threshold.