NDP want free tuition for out of province NSCC students, paid for by NS taxpayers

May 12, 2017 at 1:40 pm

Today, NDP leader Gary Burrill unveiled a plan that would see Nova Scotians paying the tuition of students from other provinces.

During a media scrum, Burrill was asked whether the NDP would waive the cost of tuition for only Nova Scotia students, and he responded, “No, all NSCC students.”

Burrill also said if an influx of students are accepted to NSCC, Nova Scotia taxpayers will be on the hook for the spike in cost.

There is no vision or plan from the NDP when it comes to helping NSCC deal with a significant increase in student applications. Many programs at NSCC already aren’t able to meet the demand of local students, and that will only get worse with the NDP’s careless commitment.

Young Nova Scotians need good education opportunities in the trades and healthcare fields. Students from this province deserve the first chance at these positions. The NDP plan will give Nova Scotian students’ classroom seats away to people from out-of-province and bill taxpayers for the cost.