New CCA bursary overlooks Queens-Shelburne

August 02, 2019 at 4:04 pm

Queens-Shelburne MLA Kim Masland says she wants to know why the new bursary program offered to people entering the continuing care field will not apply to schools in Queens-Shelburne.

On Monday, the Liberal government announced the launch of a bursary program that would offer $4,000 to applicants enrolling in continuing care programs through NSCC and Université Sainte-Anne. Currently, the bursary is being allocated to NSCCs in Kentville, Middleton, Amherst and Port Hawkesbury and Université Sainte-Anne campuses in Church Point, Tusket and Halifax.

“Long term care facilities in Queens-Shelburne are constantly working with staffing concerns,” says Masland. “Our entire CCA graduating class in Shelburne this year left with offers of employment. I can’t for a moment grasp why our communities have been excluded from the bursary.

The government press release noted that bursaries would be prioritized based on communities with the greatest staffing needs and programs with vacancies, but Masland says she feels as if her constituency has been shortchanged.

“Our hospital is managing regular closures and our long term care homes are more often than not dealing with staffing shortages,” says Masland. “I have to wonder how much more we are expected to take before the government says they will pay attention.”

Masland says she has written to Health Minister Randy Delorey for explanation on why Queens-Shelburne was overlooked.