New Waterford health system in crisis; McNeil denies it

May 24, 2017 at 10:28 am

McNeil Liberals fail to address serious concerns

New Waterford is crying for help while the McNeil Liberals continue to deny there’s a crisis in healthcare.

More than 300 people gathered together at the local fire hall looking for help for those dealing with drug addictions and mental health issues.

A new citizens’ group called A Town That Cares has been created and media are reporting many powerful voices have joined the call for help. 

‘I’m telling you we are in crisis and this isn’t an opioid crisis because we deal with all drugs. In the last month and a half, I’ve been at six funerals and I’m tired of burying young people in this community.”
-Tom Blanchard, executive director of Talbot House.

“I can tell you from a policing perspective, just about every crime that happens in this community, we can trace it back to a root cause involving drugs. Ten per cent of our police force is made up of street crime, drug officers, community safety enforcement officers — every single day they are prioritizing files.”
-Cape Breton Regional Police Chief Peter MacIsaac.

“When I look through the addiction profile, it’s a problem that arises out of mental health — and based on that, one in five people will have serious mental health or addictions.”
-Dr. Venkata Puppala, family doctor.

“Kids are dying every day on us. We have nothing here now.”
John Bisson, key member of A Town That Cares.

A Progressive Conservative government led by Jamie Baillie is committed to addressing the crisis in Cape Breton.

A PC government will restore Stephen McNeil’s cuts to the Boots on the Street program, also known as the Additional Officer Program. Boots on the Street has proven that more municipal policing keeps communities safer. In addition to patrol officers, Boots on the Street also supports critical initiatives like mental health training for police officers, training also on McNeil’s chopping block with other important local services.

A Baillie government will also invest in the province’s broken mental health system to ensure it meets the needs of Cape Breton families.

For almost two years, Jamie Baillie and the Cape Breton PC team have called on the McNeil Liberals to take action to fix the crisis in the mental health system. Stephen McNeil continues to deny there’s a crisis in healthcare.