Newly-appointed Health Minister must address Cape Breton healthcare crisis

June 15, 2017 at 11:51 am

PC MLA MacLeod calls for Minister Delorey to promptly meet with doctors

Progressive Conservative MLA Alfie MacLeod is calling on Premier Stephen McNeil’s newly-appointed Minister of Health, Randy Delorey, to make time in the next two weeks to meet with Cape Breton doctors and listen to their concerns about the healthcare crisis.

“Doctors in Cape Breton have been sounding the alarm for months,” says MacLeod. “From rallies to public meetings, the message has been loud and clear. Healthcare is in crisis and the McNeil Liberals need to start listening.”

MacLeod says a meeting in Cape Breton between doctors and the Health Minister is long overdue.

“Mr. Delorey needs to hear first-hand what doctors and patients are facing,” says MacLeod. “People are desperate for family physicians, mental health services, and important surgeries. This is the reality. I heard it on the doorsteps, and it’s time for the Health Minister to hear it, too.”

MacLeod says priorities for a new Health Minister must include addressing the shortage of family doctors, loss of Cape Breton specialists, wait times for hip and knee replacement surgeries, and wait times for mental health services.

“Where are the locum doctors that were promised for underserved communities across the province? And how does the new Health Minister plan to recruit specialists that are so badly needed? What is the plan to address the long wait lists? These are all questions the Premier and Mr. Delorey must address immediately.”

MacLeod says Minister Delorey must make time in the next two weeks to meet with Cape Breton doctors and listen to their growing list of concerns.