Liberal platform preview: More taxing, more spending?

HALIFAX, NS – Today, Stephen McNeil will officially unveil his high tax, high spend agenda – otherwise known as the Liberal platform.

Stephen McNeil will have some explaining to do.

FACT: In the last campaign, Stephen McNeil had the most expensive platform. It contained $527.75 million in new spending commitments with...

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Baillie shows he is the only leader with a plan for Nova Scotia’s economy

HALIFAX, NS - In the first debate of the provincial election, Progressive Conservative Party leader Jamie Baillie demonstrated he is the only leader with a plan to lower taxes, create jobs and turn around Nova Scotia’s struggling economy.

“It’s getting tougher and tougher to distinguish the NDP and Liberal high tax plans,” said PC Campaign Chair...

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More Liberal promises, no plan to pay for them

HALIFAX, NS - Stephen McNeil's Liberals continue to make promises without a plan to for pay them, Victoria-The Lakes Progressive Conservative candidate Keith Bain said in response to today's Liberal announcement.
"Stephen McNeil's Liberals are just like Darrell Dexter's NDP - more promises and more spending of money that future generations don't have," said Bain. "Students won't benefit from...
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Baillie targets one million Nova Scotians by 2025

Lower taxes, freeze power rates, create more jobs

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie says a PC government will aggressively pursue a plan to grow Nova Scotia’s population to one million people by 2025.

“We can’t have a growing economy and a shrinking working-age population,” says Baillie. “As the labour force shrinks, those remaining...

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