Baillie scraps small business tax

PC plan to cut taxes, freeze power rates, create jobs

HALIFAX, NS – A Progressive Conservative government will make Nova Scotia a tax-free zone for small businesses by scrapping the small business tax.

Baillie made the announcement at The Bluenose Restaurant and Grill, a Halifax landmark that employs 27 people.

“High taxes are one of the barriers...

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PCs will stop bailouts, fix the economy

Baillie: Freeze power rates, lower taxes, stop wasteful spending, more jobs
DARTMOUTH, NS - Jamie Baillie’s Progressive Conservatives will end wasteful spending like corporate welfare that exploded under the NDP, starting with the elimination of the Cabinet-controlled slush fund.

“For 50 years, governments in Nova Scotia have been buying jobs through corporate bailouts,...

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PCs agree to CBC debate Tuesday night

HALIFAX, NS – The Progressive Conservatives agreed to a proposed CBC TV leaders’ debate on the major issues of the campaign on Tuesday, September 10th.

“We welcome the opportunity to compare and contrast our affordable plan that calls for lower taxes, more jobs and an end to wasteful spending with the reckless...

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Baillie welcomes Premier’s invitation to several debates

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie says he welcomes Premier Dexter’s invitation for several debates over the course of the Nova Scotia election campaign.

Today, when announcing the election date, the Premier said he looked forward to engaging in several debates with the other party leaders over the course of...
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