Leader’s blog: Population statistics only tell half the story

Statistics show that Nova Scotia’s overall population is growing. That’s the good news part of the story. But you know what they say about statistics and in this case there is another troubling statistic lurking below the surface: Nova Scotia’s growth is almost exclusive to HRM. Good for HRM but for everyone outside of the city,...
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Privacy Commissioner’s report uncovers Liberal government secrecy

Liberal government secrecy is highlighted in the annual report of Nova Scotia’s Privacy Commissioner, Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Houston said today.

“The data in Catherine Tully’s report shows that this is a hyper-secretive government that stubbornly hides information from Nova Scotians,” Houston said. “The numbers are shocking, particularly from a Premier who once promised...

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MacFARLANE: A chance to push the reset button on healthcare

I’m not entirely sure what makes someone decide they want to be a doctor but I can say pretty confidently that feeling overworked, under-resourced and paid less than doctors in any other province in Canada is not what you sign up for. Well, it won’t be any surprise that this has been the reality for Nova...
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Liberal secrecy the new status quo says Houston

Progressive Conservative leader Tim Houston condemns the Liberal government for their desperate, hail Mary attempt to continue to hide information that so far, two levels of courts have ruled should be made public. “The Liberals are so determined to hide information that they use the judicial system to punish anyone who dares to stand up and...
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Leader’s Blog: A message to physicians

At some point, you’ve probably searched the job ads. Some look interesting, some... not as much. Where would an ad like this rate? -High stress job; -Management won’t support you or provide the necessary tools; -Management won’t respect you and will routinely belittle your ideas; and -Pays less than the same job in other provinces. Sound appealing? Well, believe it or not,...
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