Masland says Delorey must hire a pediatrician for the South Shore

Queens-Shelburne MLA Kim Masland is calling on the Liberal Minister of Health, Randy Delorey, to immediately hire a pediatrician for the South Shore. This week, Masland was invited to an interagency meeting with fellow South Shore MLAs. It was hosted by SchoolsPlus from the South Shore Regional Centre of Education, school psychologists, and an early child...
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Standing up for Cumberland South

Progressive Conservative candidate Tory Rushton says this by-election is an opportunity for voters to send a clear message to Stephen McNeil that Cumberland County deserves better than the laundry list of Liberal failures and political games. 

“Cumberland South families deserve a MLA who will stand...

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Orrell named PC Health Critic

Progressive Conservative leader Karla MacFarlane announced today that Northside-Westmount MLA Eddie Orrell will be the new Progressive Conservative Health critic. Orrell worked extensively in the healthcare system as a physiotherapist and understands the healthcare challenges facing Nova Scotians. “Eddie is a strong advocate for a better, stronger healthcare system,” says MarFarlane. “He has an important perspective, with...
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Liberal government must answer for health care crisis

Progressive Conservative MLAs Eddie Orrell, Alfie MacLeod, and Keith Bain are calling for an immediate response from the Liberal government to address the backlog at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital over the weekend - but they aren’t overly optimistic they will do something. The emergency departments at the Northside General Hospital and the Glace Bay Hospital...
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Liberals spending priorities for seniors out of whack

Progressive Conservative Public Accounts Committee member Tim Houston says the McNeil Liberals have their spending priorities for seniors out of whack. Today at Public Accounts Committee, Seniors Minister Leo Glavine’s department will have to explain why only $1.2 million of its $2.7 million budget actually makes it to seniors. The average salary of an employee in the...
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