No more excuses: Liberals must do something about the problems facing our province’s healthcare system

June 29, 2016 at 3:03 pm


Chris d'Entremont, MLA for Argyle Barrington
HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative Health critic, Chris d’Entremont, says the Stephen McNeil Liberals are now running out of excuses to get our healthcare in working order.

“The Liberals have been using the master agreement negotiations as a political shield. With the vote behind us, it’s time for Stephen McNeil to show Nova Scotians his plan for addressing the healthcare crisis in our province,” says d’Entremont.

Doctors Nova Scotia has also said it’s time to focus on other pressing issues.

“It’s time for us to do something about the problems facing our province’s healthcare system,” said Doctors Nova Scotia President, Dr. Michelle Dow, in a statement. “Now that we have these contracts in place, we can finally focus our time and energy on making changes to our healthcare system that actually work for you, our patients.”

d’Entremont agrees.

“There are real problems in our healthcare system and everyone knows it,” he says. “Wait lists are growing and too many Nova Scotians don’t have family doctors. Doctors are not the enemy and the Liberals have failed to address the increasing problems in the system. Patients are suffering because of it.”

d’Entremont points to three areas of the province, Shelburne, Digby and Cape Breton, that are facing desperate times in healthcare.

Over 1000 people attended a public meeting in Cape Breton this month to address doctor shortages on the island. Patients who have no family doctor in the south west part of the province are being forced to wait in the emergency room for things as routine as prescription refills.

“There are horror stories from one end of the province to the other,” says d’Entremont. “It’s time for the Premier and the Health Minister to come up with a comprehensive plan for primary healthcare immediately. No more excuses.”