Nova Scotia First? More like Non Sufficient Funds

September 13, 2013 at 2:59 pm


HALIFAX, NS – Halifax Citadel-Sable Island Progressive Conservative candidate Andrew Black held a press conference today to remind Stephen McNeil of the nearly $100 million in NDP commitments missing from the Liberal platform.

The Liberal platform is titled Nova Scotia First. Black says Stephen McNeil should have called it Non Sufficient Funds.

At a Halifax Chamber of Commerce event, Stephen McNeil was asked whether he would honour the Dexter NDP’s nearly $100 million in pre-election spending commitments. McNeil, citing an “unwritten rule,” said he would. That means the true cost of Stephen McNeil’s election campaign commitments comes in at almost $300 million.

“Nova Scotians cannot afford the high tax, high spend agenda of the McNeil Liberals,” said Black. “Stephen McNeil has committed the Liberals to almost $300 million in new spending with no plan to pay for it, no plan for tax relief and no timetable for a balanced budget.”

Black says the McNeil Liberals’ tax-and-spend agenda does not represent the change that Nova Scotians are looking for and stands in stark contrast to Jamie Baillie’s detailed plan for Change that Works.

“Jamie Baillie and the Progressive Conservatives’ plan for real change starts with lower taxes, frozen power rates, stopping wasteful spending and creating more jobs,” said Black. “While the Liberals and the NDP are both offering more of the same, I’m proud to be standing with Jamie Baillie and offering Change that Works to the people of Nova Scotia.”