Nova Scotia PCs ready to govern

October 30, 2019 at 4:57 pm

The Progressive Conservative Caucus used the fall session of the legislature to introduce bold legislation that will protect Nova Scotians and help them thrive, PC leader Tim Houston said.

“We have a responsibility to put forward innovative ideas that make a real, positive impact on the lives of Nova Scotians,” Houston said. “With legislation that protects our children from preventable disease, bills to support victims of human trafficking, a call to safeguard young people from health risks associated with vaping and bills to protect seniors in long-term care, we have demonstrated we are ready to govern.”

PC MLAs introduced 19 bills during the five-week session. Their thoughtful legislation was endorsed by the Lung Association of Nova Scotia, Nova Scotians for the Prevention of Prostitution and Sexualized Human Trafficking and others.

In addition, the Progressive Conservative Caucus highlighted Liberal failures in the healthcare system, mismanagement of negotiations with Crown Attorneys and in being accountable to Nova Scotians during the fall session.

“As the healthcare crisis continues to deepen, the Liberals seem more intent on hiding information from Nova Scotians,” Houston said.  “This is a government that promised to be the most transparent in the country, but refused to answer questions about how they spend taxpayer dollars on healthcare, the failed ferry season, the crane removal and on lawyers hired to keep their secrets through the court system.”

Houston is also disappointed the Premier did not call a by-election in the constituency of Truro-Bible Hill-Millbrook-Salmon River.

“The people of that constituency had no representation at Province House for an entire legislative session,” Houston said.  “That means they had no one to turn to for help with healthcare, education or roads. That is unacceptable.”

The Progressive Conservative Caucus introduced the following legislation: