Nova Scotians deserve an explanation for Stephen McNeil’s and Gary Burrill’s Carbon Tax

May 18, 2017 at 12:36 pm

No clear details on McNeil and Burrill’s carbon tax

Today, the Federal Government will detail their plan for a national carbon tax. Stephen McNeil and Gary Burrill also need to take the opportunity before voters head to the polls to explain their plans for an expensive provincial carbon tax that will make life harder for Nova Scotians.

Stephen McNeil wants to burden Nova Scotian families and businesses with a cap-and-trade scheme that will increase the price of everything from gasoline, home heating oil, natural gas, and groceries while shipping jobs out of the province.

Despite supposedly rolling out cap-and-trade by 2018, McNeil has released very few details about the rollout and voters rightfully still have plenty of questions that have been left unanswered.

Gary Burrill has pointed to Alberta’s carbon tax as something that should be brought to Nova Scotia. Official government estimates suggest the cost per family in Alberta will be as low as $408 and as high as $443 in 2017 alone. Gary Burrill needs to explain why he wants to import job-killing policies from Alberta while making absolutely no mention of it in his platform.

Recognizing that Nova Scotians already pay too much in taxes and fees, Jamie Baillie and the Progressive Conservatives will not impose a carbon tax in any form on the province.