Only Baillie’s Progressive Conservatives can be trusted to make life more affordable

October 01, 2013 at 1:45 pm

HALIFAX, NS – Neither the Dexter NDP nor the McNeil Liberals can be trusted to provide real tax relief for Nova Scotia families, says Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie.

Today, Darrell Dexter announced the NDP would take the HST off of some family essentials, but Baillie says Nova Scotians have been down this road before.

During the last election campaign Darrell Dexter promised he would not raise taxes. A year later, the Dexter NDP increased the HST by two percentage points, taking $1,800 more from every Nova Scotia taxpayer.

“When Darrell Dexter realized he couldn’t keep all of his expensive promises, he turned his back on Nova Scotians and raised the HST,” said Baillie. “Now he wants Nova Scotians to trust him all over again, but voters are smarter than Darrell Dexter gives them credit for.”

Baillie says Stephen McNeil and the Liberals will not make life more affordable for families either.

The Liberal platform contains no plan for tax relief and no timeline for a balanced budget.

“Stephen McNeil has made it clear that he’s comfortable with Nova Scotians paying the highest taxes in all of Canada,” said Baillie. “Nova Scotians who like high taxes have two choices in Darrell Dexter and Stephen McNeil. Families who are looking for a break have only once choice and that’s the Progressive Conservative Party.”

Baillie says the Progressive Conservatives will lower the HST and make life more affordable for families. For details on how, Nova Scotians are encouraged to review the Progressive Conservative Party’s fully costed plan, Change that Works, at