Only the Progressive Conservative team has a plan to get the economy on track

September 07, 2013 at 7:09 pm

Baillie: Freeze power rates, lower taxes, stop wasteful spending, more jobs
HALIFAX – Only  the Progressive Conservative team has a plan to get the province’s economy back on track and give Nova Scotians the jobs and opportunities they need to prosper, PC leader Jamie Baillie said as he kicked off the election campaign at Oh My Sole!, a small business in Halifax.
“The decision Nova Scotians make in the coming weeks will determine what kind of Nova Scotia our children and grandchildren inherit,” Baillie said. “They will have to decide if they want more of the same with the NDP or Liberals or if they want real change that works for people from the Progressive Conservative team.”
People in Nova Scotia are struggling with the highest taxes in the country, the highest power rates and thousands of lost jobs. Nova Scotians can’t get ahead, businesses can’t compete and our children are being saddled with crippling debt.
Baillie said he will crisscross the province telling Nova Scotians about his plan to lower taxes, freeze power rates, reduce the size of government and create more jobs.
“We have a plan to stop wasteful spending in health and education and put that money in classrooms, emergency rooms and other frontline services, where they belong,” Baillie said.
A PC government will scrap the gold-plated MLA pension plan and establish a citizens’ panel to set MLA pay and benefits. Only a PC government will take real action to stop bullying and protect our kids. 
A Progressive Conservative government will stand with patients, not powerful unions, and prevent labour disputes from disrupting vital health services.
Baillie said the NDP promised they’d be different, but let Nova Scotians down. 
“The NDP promised stable power rates but power bills have skyrocketed by almost 30 per cent on their watch,” Baillie said. “They said they wouldn’t raise taxes but the first chance they got they increased the HST by two per cent and reached into the pocket of every Nova Scotian and helped themselves to $1,500.”
Baillie said the Liberals are ill-equipped to run Nova Scotia’s economy.
“The Liberals would like you to believe that they are different from the NDP, but on the tough questions, you can’t tell the two parties apart,” said Baillie.
After kicking off the election campaign in Halifax, Baillie will campaign in Cumberland South.