Orrell gets Progressive Conservative nod in Northside-Westmount

January 25, 2013 at 2:54 pm

SYDNEY, NS – Eddie Orrell will be the Progressive Conservative candidate in Northside-Westmount in the upcoming provincial election.

A physiotherapist with the Cape Breton District Health Authority for 24 years, Orrell was first elected to the House of Assembly in a June 2011 by-election.

Orrell was nominated tonight at an event with PC Party leader Jamie Baillie and over 75 enthusiastic supporters in attendance.

“A Progressive Conservative government will make life more affordable for people and families in Northside-Westmount,” Orrell said. “We can’t afford four more years of NDP mismanagement. It’s time to change direction. Jamie is an experienced leader who knows how to create good jobs by lowering taxes, freezing power rates and stopping wasteful spending.”

Orrell distinguished between Baillie’s affordable energy plan, and that of the Liberals and NDP.

“Both the other parties have expensive energy agendas that will cost ratepayers more,” said Orrell. “The PC plan is simple: freeze power rates, remove the guarantee on Nova Scotia Power’s profit, rewrite the NDP electricity plan to make it affordable, and create regional energy market to lower power bills.”