Orrell: Northside General Hospital ER closure latest on long list of NDP broken promises

September 14, 2013 at 3:23 pm

NORTH SYDNEY, NS – The announcement from the Cape Breton District Health  Authority the Northside General Hospital’s emergency room will be closed until  further notice is another example of the Dexter NDP’s record of broken promises,  says Eddie Orrell, Progressive Conservative candidate for  Northside-Westmount.

Orrell said the list of broken NDP promises continues to grow while the  health and safety of the province’s most vulnerable is put at risk.

“People here remember the NDP’s 2009 promise to keep emergency rooms open  24/7,” Orrell said. “Not only were ERs across the province closed for over  15,000 hours in the most recent yearly report, today’s closure jeopardizes  residents’ safety and shows the Dexter NDP cannot be trusted to keep its  promises.”

The annual Accountability Report on Emergency Departments, released by the  Department of Health days before the election, shows that between April 1, 2012  and March 31, 2013, emergency rooms around Nova Scotia were closed for 15,083  hours, or 628 days.

Orrell said both the NDP and Liberals have plans for health care that will  drive up costs and waste more taxpayers’ money in administration. The NDP will  continue the status quo while the Liberal plan for a health super board ignores  the unique needs of rural health care delivery.

A Progressive Conservative government led by Jamie Baillie, a chartered  accountant, has a plan to target funding of $20 million over four years to  improving health care, starting with shorter wait times for real results.  Savings will be directed where they matter most: frontline care.