Orrell wants more than Band-Aids for Northside General

November 30, 2017 at 2:59 pm

PCs Call for more doctors for Cape Breton

Northside-Westmount MLA Eddie Orrell says the Band-Aids offered by the Nova Scotia Health Authority for the chronic issues at the Northside General Emergency Room are not good enough.

He says the McNeil government and the Health Authority must put more supports and doctors in place to meet the demand.

Yesterday, the Health Authority outlined some measures it’s taking to address frequent Emergency Room closures and physician exhaustion.

The Hospital will extend triage hours by one hour, and a doctor and other staff will assess and treat patients until 6 pm. That means less urgent cases may have to return on another day or make an appointment with their family doctor.

Orrell has been a vocal advocate for more supports for the Northside General for years but his desperate appeals have only been met with tinkering from the McNeil government.

“The people of the Northside deserve better than this. They are forced to go to the Emergency Room because there are not enough family doctors and now, when they get to the Emergency Room, if it’s even open, they are told to see their family doctor,” says Orrell. “They deserve better primary care than this. The incompetence from the McNeil government and the Nova Scotia Health Authority is doing a great injustice for the people of Cape Breton Island.”

Orrell says the people of Northside need more family doctors to ease the burden on the hard-working staff caught up in the broken system.

“The Health Authority must do more to aggressively recruit doctors to the area and fix the problems that are forcing doctors to leave and hurting recruitment efforts,” says Orrell. “It’s not rocket science. They have known this problem is coming for years and they have done nothing. Now we are being asked to accept less than mediocre service and that’s not good enough.”