PC Caucus welcomes preventive measures to combat pressure sores

March 21, 2019 at 12:27 pm

Progressive Conservative MLA Chris d’Entremont welcomed news that the Liberals are finally acting to prevent and treat pressure injuries in long-term care facilities.

Some of the measures, including providing patients who have pressure wounds with a specialized air mattress, and public inspection reports were included in a bill introduced by PC healthcare critic Karla MacFarlane over six months ago.

“This was the right thing to do when the PC Caucus introduced the bill and it’s still the right thing to do now,” d’Entremont said. “I am pleased the Liberals have decided to make these much needed changes.”

d’Entremont commended the courage of the families of the late Chrissy Dunnington and the late John Ferguson for bringing the issue to the forefront.

“These families made the difficult decision to go public after their loved ones died from complications from pressure sores,” d’Entremont said. “I hope the Dunningtons and Silversteins find some peace today knowing that their efforts will help others.”

Recent news reports revealed that the number of people with pressure sores in Nova Scotia facilities has increased. There were 26 cases of hospital-acquired bedsores reported in the latest quarter. This is a jump compared to just 10 cases in the first quarter last year and six in the second quarter.