PC Fact Check: MacFarlane sets Premier straight on Northern Pulp

November 09, 2018 at 11:31 am

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The MLA for Pictou West, Karla MacFarlane says the Premier needs to get his facts straight on Northern Pulp.

Yesterday, Premier McNeil said, “There are three elected public officials in that area, they can tell me where they stand on the issue … I’ve heard from none of them about it.”

That is simply not true, he must not have been listening.

FACT: The Progressive Conservatives MLAs for Pictou County have consistently delivered the concerns of their constituents to the Premier and his cabinet.

“It’s shameful that the Premier has mismanaged this project and has resorted to finger pointing at the elected officials who have fought tirelessly to make this a priority,” says MacFarlane. “At every step the PC Party has urged the Liberal government to do its job and at every step they chose to insulate themselves from the reality of the issue. ”

Since the Premier is hazy on the facts, here are just a few examples:

Since 2013, Pictou MLAs have demanded answers from the McNeil government during Question Period.



In 2014, MacFarlane wrote her first of many letters to McNeil’s government regarding Northern Pulp.


In 2015, during debate the MLAs raised concerns about how we will get to closing Boat Harbour by 2020 without a plan and a timeline.



More recently, the PC Caucus submitted a request to have a meeting with Department of Environment to discuss the environmental assessment for Northern Pulp effluent treatment process.



“The Premier doesn’t listen to the concerns of Nova Scotians when it comes to doctor recruitment, co-locating cannabis or carbon tax. But now he won’t move until someone tells him what to do? “says MacFarlane. “The Premier’s missteps on this file have put him between a rock and a hard place. Now with a fast approaching deadline, he’s looking for someone to blame. He has not been truthful and his dishonesty will be his legacy.”