PC healthcare critic offered up solutions

October 27, 2017 at 6:59 am

Liberals failed to address healthcare crisis during fall sitting

Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin MLA for Cumberland North is frustrated that the Legislature rose last night and we’re no closer to addressing the healthcare crisis.

This fall sitting Smith-McCrossin, along with Caucus, brought real healthcare solutions to the legislature.

“It’s disappointing that the Legislature ended yesterday and we’re no closer to fixing the healthcare system,” says Smith-McCrossin. “Constituents and all Nova Scotians that don’t have a family doctor, are waiting months for mental health supports or are waiting for a surgery are turning to their elected officials asking for help but this Liberal government did nothing this session for healthcare.”

Smith-McCrossin is critical of the McNeil government because there’s no plan to address the healthcare crisis or signs of improvement. Emergency room closures around the province including Pugwash are happening regularly and no solutions are being offered.

“Fixing the healthcare system isn’t a one part solution,” says Smith-McCrossin. “We need to work with frontline healthcare professionals who know the system and know where it breaks down for patients. One problem they’ve identified is code census and the knock-on effects in our hospitals. Our caucus brought several pieces of important legislation aimed at fixing the healthcare system.”

The Liberals continue to deny there’s a crisis in the healthcare system.