Baillie calls for free vote on teachers bill

February 14, 2017 at 1:14 pm

Liberal MLAs who claimed to stand up to McNeil behind the scenes must come clean

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie says Liberal MLAs who claimed to stand up to Stephen McNeil in December should do so again.

“It appears that a caucus revolt stopped Stephen McNeil from his reckless legislation in December. If Liberal MLAs don’t stand up to the Premier again, all will have been for nothing,” said Baillie. “Liberal MLAs have a choice to make. They can bend to Stephen McNeil’s latest plan to impose a contract or they can stand up for the people they represent.”

The Progressive Conservative leader says Liberals like Brendan Maguire, Bill Horne, Patricia Arab, Zach Churchill, Derek Mombourquette, Dave Wilton and others should be free to do the right thing.

Baillie says the Liberal MLAs could avoid yet another crisis by voting their conscience. The latest bill that Premier McNeil is determined to ram through the Legislature is likely unconstitutional and will cost taxpayers millions of dollars in legal fees. This is money that could be spent in the classroom. Liberal MLAs have the ability to save taxpayers, teachers, and parents this hardship.

“I am confident that if MLAs of all parties are truly free to vote their conscience, then Stephen McNeil’s reckless and irresponsible bill will be defeated,” said Baillie.

The Progressive Conservatives will call for a series of recorded votes on Stephen McNeil’s bill. Liberal MLAs will have to publicly explain their decision if they give in to Stephen McNeil and vote for his reckless bill.