PC Leader calls on Liberals to pass their own Bill

October 17, 2017 at 12:52 pm

Cyberbullying victims need protection now, says Baillie

Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie is questioning why the McNeil government is delaying the law to protect Nova Scotians from cyberbullying.

“The McNeil government has had almost two years for consultation and comments, it is time for the government to act,” says Baillie.

Nova Scotians have been without a law on the books to protect children from cyberbullying since the previous law was struck down by the Nova Scotia Supreme Court in December 2015. In the Spring of 2016, the Liberal government put out a press release saying it was drafting new cyber-safety legislation.

Baillie says the McNeil government is stalling but there is still plenty of time this fall to get this Intimate Images and Cyber-protection Act right and pass these important protections. He’s aware of some concerns raised about the Cyberscan’s new mandate but thinks those concerns could be resolved this fall.

“We believe protecting people against cyberbullying should be a greater priority for the McNeil government,” says Baillie. “There were some concerns raised with the current bill, but they can be fixed. There is still plenty of time this fall to conclude the Law Amendments Committee process, hear from the public, and get a reasonable and constitutional bill passed.”