PC Leader Jamie Baillie responds to Ottawa Liberals' imposed carbon pricing

October 03, 2016 at 7:14 pm

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie responds to Ottawa Liberals’ imposed carbon pricing.

“Premier Stephen McNeil has an important choice to make today – will he stand up for Nova Scotia or will he allow the Ottawa Liberals to make life harder for our families, our seniors and our businesses? Stephen McNeil must clearly oppose new forms of carbon pricing that will make Nova Scotians pay more. He owes it to Nova Scotians to tell the Ottawa Liberals that our province will not be engaging in this costly scheme.  Today, the federal Liberals announced provinces have two years to adopt a carbon pricing scheme, or the federal government will step in and impose one. Now is the time for a clear stance. There is no room for bureaucratic language or political stalling techniques – Nova Scotians must know where the McNeil Liberals stand on today’s announcement. Will Premier McNeil allow a costly carbon pricing scheme to be imposed on Nova Scotians.

As leader of the Official Opposition, I oppose carbon pricing. This scheme will increase our power rates, increase the cost of heating our homes, and increase the cost of driving to work. Nova Scotia is a great place to live. We need to find ways to get the cost of living down, not find new ways to drive it up. Today, Premier McNeil will show whether he stands with Nova Scotians or he stands with his federal cousins.”