PC Leader Tim Houston supports renewed Energy East effort

December 06, 2018 at 11:37 am

PC Party of Nova Scotia logo

Leader for the Progressive Conservatives in Nova Scotia Tim Houston is calling on Premier McNeil to vocally support the Energy East pipeline project at the First Minister’s Meeting today in Montreal.

Last week, New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs introduced a proposal to revive the Energy East pipeline. Houston says McNeil must support Premier Higgs’ call for the project’s revival. Earlier this week, Premier Higgs said he plans to discuss this project with his counterparts.

“The Prime Minister and Premiers will be discussing how to create a more interconnected Canadian economy that creates good paying jobs and growth. Energy East would do just that,” says Houston. “Energy East has the potential to create good paying jobs for Nova Scotians and Atlantic Canadians. Premier McNeil needs to join Premier Higgs in vocally supporting the Energy East pipeline.”

Nova Scotia has a long history of experience in the energy sector.

“Nova Scotians have significant experience in the energy industry. Over decades we developed our own energy resources here at home. Let’s put that talent to work here at home in Atlantic Canada,” says Houston.

Houston says it’s important to utilize resources within our own borders rather than relying on foreign oil.

“The Energy East Pipeline could be a transformational project for our region if it proceeds,” says Houston. “Premier McNeil needs to be clear he stands with Premier Higgs and others across Canada supporting Energy East”.