PC MLA wants satellite dialysis unit in Barrington

January 14, 2017 at 5:52 pm

d’Entremont looks for answers from McNeil Liberals

BARRINGTON, NS – Argyle Barrington MLA Chris d’Entremont is happy for dialysis patients in Digby and Annapolis Counties, but remains concerned for patients in Southwestern Nova Scotia.

Today, the McNeil government announced a satellite dialysis unit at the Digby General Hospital. Patients and families in the Barrington area are still left without such services and d’Entremont wants to know why.

“How are the McNeil Liberals making these decisions,” he asks. “What criteria is the southwest failing to meet? We need some answers.”

d’Entremont has been fighting for a dialysis unit in Barrington for years.

Premier McNeil himself made the health announcement. The new unit will serve patients in his constituency. McNeil acknowledged that, “Dialysis can be hard on patients and their families, especially when they have to travel frequently to receive their treatment.”

d’Entremont says he won’t stop fighting for dialysis patients in his area.

“I call on Stephen McNeil to listen to the concern voices in Argyle-Barrington and commit to a satellite unit immediately,” says d’Entremont.