PC MLAs call out Liberal ambulance mismanagement

February 05, 2019 at 9:40 am

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Progressive Conservative MLAs Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin and Tory Rushton today called on the Liberal government to ensure adequate ambulance coverage in the Amherst area.

No paramedics were scheduled to cover the Amherst area on Saturday night.  There was also no coverage in Oxford or Springhill.

“In the past, this would never have been allowed or accepted,” Smith-McCrossin said.  “Only under this Liberal health minister are these unsafe situations allowed to exist.”

Rushton said inadequate ambulance coverage means more responsibility is being downloaded to volunteer firefighters and other first responders.

“Volunteers should not be expected to fill the gaps made by Liberal mismanagement,” Rushton said. “It’s not up to volunteers to paper over the cracks in the broken Liberal health system.”

Late last week, paramedics released data outlining the number of half-staffed and out-of-service ambulances throughout the province. Across the province there were 336 incidents in October of units being out of service, 274 in November, and 379 in December. That’s almost a thousand incidents of units being out of service in just three months.

PC Health critic Karla MacFarlane said these grim statistics are another reminder that Nova Scotia is in a health crisis.

“It’s time for the Liberals to acknowledge the crisis, listen to health professionals and patients and act to improve the system,” MacFarlane said.