PC PARTY FACT CHECK: NDP’s budget blunders zap all credibility

September 11, 2013 at 5:12 pm

NDP Finance Minister Maureen MacDonald today misled voters on the PC Party’s platform.

FACT: To say the Progressive Conservatives are not spending on capital assets shows a lack of understanding of basic accounting by the NDP. The budget inherently has $295 million of capital spending in it from the amortization charge alone. Amortization is, frankly, accounting 101.

It’s pretty tough to take the NDP seriously when it comes to budgets. After all, who can forget the $27 million budget cover-up.

Remember when the Dexter NDP allotted zero dollars for hospital equipment? And, we can’t forget their one day wonder surplus.

With so many budget blunders, how can we trust the Dexter NDP?