PCs call for education, tightened legislation on vaping

October 02, 2019 at 1:39 pm

Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative leader Tim Houston introduced a bill today focused on protecting young people from potential health problems associated with vaping.

Houston’s amendments to the Tobacco Access Act would provide increased restrictions on vaping products in an effort to address the growing number of young Nova Scotians who vape.


The bill:

•             Prohibits use and possession of tobacco products by individuals under the age of 19;

•             Bans flavoured e-liquids;

•             Provides an educational component; and

•             Requires a review of the legislation after five years.


“Vaping is a real concern for parents and for health professionals in Nova Scotia,” said Houston. “The reports of vaping related injuries and sharp increase in usage among Nova Scotians are evidence that the government must act.”

The Lung Association of Nova Scotia has reported that nearly 37 per cent of students from grades seven through twelve have tried an e-cigarette at least once, which is 61 per cent higher than the same rate among all Canadian students within that age range.

“The Lung Association of Nova Scotia is supportive of legislation aimed at decreasing youth access and use of vaping products,” said Dr. Mohammed Al-Hamdani, Director of Health Initiatives for the Lung Association of Nova Scotia. “We strongly recommend flavour bans and more stringent advertising restrictions on all vaping products.”

The increased usage of vaping products combined with the frequent media stories on vaping related injuries has warranted urgent legislative action.

“In light of Minister Delorey’s comments that, ‘both the department and [he] believe all members in the legislature have concerns with smoking rates and the rise of vaping or e-cigarette use, in particular as it relates to our youth population,’ we are optimistic the government is prepared to have a serious discussion about this subject,” said Houston.