PCs Introduce bill to improve NSHA transparency

October 11, 2019 at 7:41 pm

Progressive Conservative MLA Colton LeBlanc will introduce legislation to bring transparency standards at the Nova Scotia Health Authority up to standards with government departments.

“Every dollar spent in our health system should be spent to ensure better care for Nova Scotians,” said LeBlanc. “This bill puts transparency measures in place to help make sure that happens.”

The Act to Provide Transparency to Health Authority Expenditures would require the Nova Scotia Health Authority to disclose every payment and expenditure above $25,000, except for payments to practising physicians.

“The NSHA is a government entity, and should be disclosing its expenses as any government department is required to do,” said LeBlanc. “The NSHA’s budget is $2.3 billion and Nova Scotians deserve to know how those funds are being spent.”

The NSHA receives $2.1 billion of its $2.3 billion budget from the government and apart from the 15% allotted to employees making over $100k and on the sunshine list, there is no transparency around how those funds are being spent.