PCs push for next phase of Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity Act

October 03, 2017 at 12:19 pm

Masland introduces legislation to update environmental targets

Progressive Conservative Environment critic Kim Masland says it is time for Nova Scotia to take the next step in being an environmental leader and adapt the environmental and economic goals outlined in the United Nations’ Paris Agreement.

Today in the Legislature, Masland introduced a bill to amend the Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity Act. The amendment would require the Nova Scotia government to implement the actions set out in the Paris Agreement by 2030.

The Paris Agreement is the world’s first comprehensive climate agreement and it aims to reduce the risks and impacts of climate change, increase the ability to adapt to climate change, and increase investment in lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

“Nova Scotians have worked hard to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30 per cent, but there is more we can do,” says Masland. “By updating our environmental and economic goals to match the Paris Agreement, Nova Scotia will be joining over 100 other jurisdictions working to meet similar targets. That kind of teamwork is what will help protect our environment for generations to come.”

The McNeil Liberals are trying to force a carbon tax on Nova Scotians. Masland says their approach does little to reduce emissions and will only make the cost of living in Nova Scotia higher.

“A carbon tax is going to hit the pocketbooks of Nova Scotians, many who are already tapped out,” says Masland. “The more effective and affordable option is to set better targets that aim to reduce emissions while growing the economy, which is exactly what this bill will help do.”