PC’s select new leader, Houston takes Party helm

October 29, 2018 at 10:16 am

Today, Nova Scotia’s Progressive Conservatives elected Tim Houston as their leader. The results were announced at a Leadership Convention after one ballot.

Houston won the most points on the first ballot at a convention held at Halifax Exhibition Centre. Following the first ballot results the remaining candidates unanimously declared their support for Houston and withdrew from the next ballot.

 “With Party membership at a high, excitement building for the next election, and a strong leader in place, this is an important time for our Party,” said PC Party President, Tara Miller. “Our work to get ready for the next election starts tomorrow morning when Tim meets with our Party executive.”

Membership in the PC Party during the 2018 Leadership race hit a high of 11,601 – the largest annual increase in the party’s history.  The leadership race was also believed to be the most contested in recent history with a total of five candidates, and historic because two female candidates ran.

“The fact that we had five qualified and experienced candidates vying to lead the party says a lot about the momentum our party is experiencing,” said Leadership Selection Committee Co-Chair, Chris d’Entremont. “After five long years and more to go of failed Liberal decision making, the time is right for Nova Scotians to elect a PC government.”

“I would like to congratulate each of the leadership candidates and their teams for their hard work and contribution of ideas to the party,” added Leadership Selection Committee Co-Chair, Tara Erskine. “It’s important for us all to come together as Progressive Conservatives and be ready to elect the next Premier of Nova Scotia.”

The PC’s used a one member, one vote system of voting, weighted for equality of constituencies. Each constituency was allocated 100 points and votes allocated proportionally, with members having the option of mailing-in a ballot or voting at convention.