PCs want more frontline healthcare delivery experience in NSHA Board membership

October 05, 2017 at 11:28 am

Smith-McCrossin pushes for amendment to Health Authorities Act

Progressive Conservative Health critic Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin says Stephen McNeil must appoint people with frontline healthcare delivery experience to the Nova Scotia Health Authority Board of Directors.

She introduced an amendment to the Health Authorities Act this week that would require at least two directors of the provincial health authority to have expertise in the delivery of health services.

Smith-McCrossin says decisions taken about our healthcare system need to include the knowledge of people who have direct experience. It’s key to fixing the system this Liberal government has broken in the last four years.

“People from across the province have voiced their concerns with the amalgamated health authority. The cost for Nova Scotians has been the inadequate access to services in our healthcare system,” says Smith-McCrossin. “Our frontline healthcare workers have been working tirelessly in a system that doesn’t listen to them. There should be at least two directors who have experience in the delivery of health services on the board.”

This is the second healthcare Bill that the Progressive Conservative Caucus has brought forward this Fall sitting. Smith-McCrossin also introduced a Bill to create a new Health Outcomes Auditor, within the Office of the Auditor General.

“I have spoken to many doctors and nurses who have lost trust in the McNeil government and their appointed health authority,” says Smith-McCrossin. “If this government wants to get serious about fixing the healthcare system, I strongly urge the members to support our practical, common sense Bills.”